5 Days Course | 17,5 hours


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For a 5-day course you pay now € 449,- instead of € 519,- The lessons can be scheduled freely throughout the season. The promotion applies to all our lesson locations. 

At our school this price includes a wetsuit so no need to pay rent for a wetsuit for every lesson at our school!

From €519,- Now €449,-

The five day kitesurf course is the most complete kitesurf course that we offer. In five days you will learn the complete basics of kite surfing and a number of advanced kite surfing techniques *. You also practice self-rescue in case of an emergency. A good basis is essential to have a lot of fun kite surfing and to go safely on the water. With the five-day kitesurf course you learn to kite surf upwind and enjoy the sport even more. Do you really want to learn kitesurfing? Book a five-day kite surfing course and experience the feeling of continuing to surf over the water. After completing this course, you can certainly buy your own kite surfing set and go kite surfing independently in the most beautiful places in the world!

The program of a five day kitesurf course **


Introduction of all kitesurfing materials, the wind and the ‘wind-window’. The basic materials of a kite surf set consist of the kite, bar, board and pump. The kitesurf instructor teaches you to use all of these safely and independently. You will also receive a wetsuit, harness and helmet during the kitesurfing course. You will also learn about a number of aspects of the wind, such as wind direction, wind speed and gusts. These are of course essential factors in kite surfing. After the explanation and explanation of all materials and the wind, the kite goes into the air and you learn to control the kite yourself. To control the kite for the first time and to feel the power of the wind is really cool!

On the second day you will continue with different exercises of downwind body dragging and upwind body dragging.Today it may be that the wind is slightly stronger / weaker than on your first day of lessons. That is why you will go with a smaller / larger kite. This way you learn to deal with different wind conditions and different kite sizes. Once you have successfully done all body drag exercises, the kiteboard can be brought in for the water start. The real work is about to begin!

On the third day of the course you will further perfect the water start and sail your first meters. The starting position of the kite, your posture and position of your kiteboard are the points for attention. In addition, you must be able to do the water start in two directions. At the end of day 3, the goal is to have really stood and surfed your first meters!

Day four of the kitesurf course you continue most of the time to continue kitesurfing at half wind, a “rakje” this is also called. The intention is to return to the same point from where you started. Points of attention are improving the position of your kite and bar, adjusting your posture and the direction of your kiteboard. Today there is also self-rescue on the program, where you learn to rescue yourself from an emergency.

On the last day of your five-day course, upwind kite surfing and a sliding transistion are on the program. The ultimate goal is of course to be able to cruise upwind, just like you do with a sailboat. This is even better and faster if you also learn the technique of the sliding transition. In addition, with the change of direction you stay above the water at all times, this is a super nice feeling to be able to completely independently and once you have mastered this you can call yourself a real kite surfer! Today the self-rescue on the program, while learning you to save yourself from an emergency.

* after successfully completing all parts of the five-day kitesurfing course you will receive your IKO certificate with which you can demonstrate that you can kitesurf independently anywhere in the world

** This course program may deviate in practice due to changing weather conditions and other external factors

Why the 5-day course?

  • Independent kitesurfing after successful completion of the lessons
  • 3.5 hours group lessons for a maximum of 3 people
  • Includes self-rescue training
  • Professional and enthusiastic kitesurf instructors
  • Lessons with the latest kitesurfing materials from leading brands
  • Theory of the wind and the ‘windwindow’
  • Explanation of all materials and safety systems
  • All basic and advanced techniques of kite surfing
  • Lessons are valid for two years
  • If you are stuiveling just too much we will give you a free extra lesson!

Why do you book lessons with our kitesurfing school?

 We work with an “all-in price”, so no extra costs for wetsuits.
 Lessons start 7 days a week, three times a day.
The latest and greatest material every year. – Professional and enthusiastic instructors.
 Own login where you can manage and schedule your lessons yourself.
 Canceling a lesson at no extra cost or losing your lesson.
 Early Bird booking deal can be planned all year round.

It is good to know that all our courses and lessons are valid for 2 years. What are you waiting for? Book that first lesson!



Q: How much wind is required for my kitesurfing lesson?
A: A lesson continues with a basic wind of a minimum of 12 knots to gusts of a maximum of 28 knots. The wind direction differs per location, the basic rule is that it must be onshore wind.

Q: What should I bring to my kitesurfing lesson?
A: Swimwear, surf shoes and a towel, sunscreen and sunglasses, drinks and an energy bar. We take care of the rest!Wetsuit, harness, helmet and lycra are all included in the price.

Q: When will I hear whether or not my kitesurfing lesson will take place?
One day before your lesson starts, you will receive a text message and email whether the lesson has been approved or rejected. We make this decision based on wind speed, gusts, direction and safety.

Q: On which days can I book kitesurfing lessons?
A: At our kitesurfing school you can book kitesurfing lessons 7 days a week. Lessons start at 9:00 AM, 1:30 PM and 6:00 PM. The kitesurfing lesson season is from mid-April to the end of October.


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18:00 PM

5 Day kitesurfing course

The 5 day course is the most complete course we offer. After this course you will be able to sail back and forth with your kite and board completely independently. Here you learn the complete basics of theory, safety and kite surfing. You can now easily buy your own kite surfing set and we are happy to help you with that. And rest assured because with us no dangers = free lessons! In the basic kitesurfing lesson you will achieve level 1 and part of level 2 of the IKO. It is very important that you have good control of the kite before you grab the board too quickly. A good start is half the work. We ensure that you can handle the kite independently and safely first. After this kitesurfing lesson, it is possible to book a follow-up kitesurfing lesson or a multi-day course, where you pick up where you left off and we emphasize learning the water start independently. Do your first attempts on the board and who knows, you might already make your first meters! Everyone sets their own pace!