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Do you also want to learn how to kitesurf? We are the first kitesurf school of the Netherlands and have over 20 years of experience. We guarantee you to learn kitesurfing within a couple of days and enjoy the feeling of this great watersport! Book a kitesurf lesson which suits you the best: an introduction lesson, multi-day course or a private lesson. Our experienced and certified instructors are looking forward to teach you kitesurfing. Book your lesson!



Our kitesurf shop is in Scheveningen. In the kitesurfshop we can help you with your new kitesurfing gear and equipment. Come and visit us and get advice about all the possibilities. You will get answers to all your questions: ‘Which size kite do I need?’, ‘What brand and type is good for me?’, ‘Which wetsuits fits me the best?’ and many more.

You can also visit us in the shop if you have questions about your kitesurfing lesson or if you like to schedule a kitesurfing lesson? Feel free to come by in our kitesurf shop, Shaka is open seven days a week. See you soon!

Vissershavenweg 62 in Scheveningen
0031 (0)70 358 4800

Learn to kitesurf in the Netherlands

Do you want to learn kitesurfing in the Netherlands? Then our kitesurf school is the right place! We have a lot of different kitesurf packages and for every level we have the right lesson. You will learn kitesurfing with the bests brands and newest and latest models.  Our instructors are very experienced riders and kitesurf instructors and will teach you all about the gear, wind, safety and kitesurf skills.

Whether you book an introduction course or a private lesson, a 3-day course or 5-day course: we have the right lesson or package for you. So what are you waiting for? Make your reservation and start to kitesurf as well!

Kitesurfschool Scheveningen

Scheveningen is a popular kitesurfing spot in the Netherlands. The kitesurfschool Scheveningen is located at ‘het Zwarte Pad’. This location is ideal for your first kitesurfing lessons. The Zwarte Pad is located at the north side of the pier and directly at the North Sea. The spot has waves, tides and there are currents, so you learn immediately a lot about the sea and how to prepare and behave safe at sea. You can also learn to surf the waves, this is called wave kiting. In addition to the Zwarte Pad in Scheveningen, we also have kitesurfschools in Kijkduin, Oostvoorne and Schellinkhout. Check here our kitesurf locationsFor private lessons we can also determine a different location in consultation. This would be possible for wave-kitesurf lessons or foil-kitesurf lessons. Please contact us for more information about this.

Kitesurfschool Kijkduin

Kijkduin is located near Scheveningen. This is one of the best kitesurfing spots where you can learn how to kitesurf in the Netherlands. The kitesurf spot is called the Zandmotor.

This location is ideal for your first kitesurfing lessons. The Zandmotor is located on the beach and has shallow and flat water, but there ain’t waves, tides or currents which can be more difficult to learn kitesurfing. Another advantage is you can kitesurf with almost any wind direction in super safe conditions, this is unique in the Netherlands! In addition to Kijkduin – the Zandmotor, we also teach in Scheveningen, Oostvoorne and Schellinkhout. Check here all our kitesurf locations.

Kitesurfschool Oostvoorne

Oostvoorne is located under the port of Rotterdam. This is the kitesurf spot where it all started and for good reason. The kitesurfschool Oostvoorne is located in a big bay in the North Sea. You have a lot of space and the water is shallow. But there are no strong currents and no big waves. This location is therefore ideal for your first kitesurf lessons. If you come from the south of the Netherlands or even from Belgium, this kitesurf location is very suitable for you! In addition to our kitesurfschool Oostvoorne, we also have three different kitesurfschool locations: Kitesurfschool Scheveningen, Kitesurfschool Oostvoorne and Kitesurfschool Schellinkhout. View here already. Check here our kitesurf locations.

Kitesurfschool Schellinkhout

The kitesurfing lessons in Schellinkghout are given on the Markermeer. This is a flat and shallow sweet water kitesurf spot. Because this spot is inland water, there are no waves, tides and currents. This results in you learn kitesurfing much faster and you will have more fun! Depending on the wind direction, we can easily and quickly divert from this location to the kitesurf spot of Andijk or Medemblik. These two locations are close to Schellinkhout and located on the IJsselmeer. So if you come from the north of the Netherlands or even from Germany, then you can choose our kitesurfschool Schellinkhout! Check here our kitesurf locations.

Kitesurf course | Kitesurf lesson

We have divided our kitesurf courses into the amount of days you want to have lessons. Would you like to have a try-out to see if kitesurfing is for you? Then you can try an introduction lesson in kitesurfing. If you want to continue with kitesurfing, then we can easily rebook your first kitesurf lesson into a 3-day or 5-day kitesurf course. Are you already convinced to learn how to kitesurf? Have a look at our 3-day or 5-day courses. We guarantee you will kitesurf, ride for a couple meters downwind, in our multi-day kitesurf packages.

If you want to have your own kitesurf instructor, ‘one-on-one’ lesson, you can book a private lesson. With a private lesson you will learn kitesurf the quickest and get the most out your practise time on the water. The ultimate goal of all our lessons is that you can kitesurf independently and get on the water sae. Check here al our kitesurf lessons.

Kitesurf Shop in Scheveningen

We have our own kitesurf shop in Scheveningen: SHAKAWould you like more information about a kitesurfing lesson? Just step inside. We will help you further and can immediately reserve, change and plan your lesson. You can always pay later. We also have great deals for students, so come by!

Giftcard Kitesurf lessons

Are you looking for a special gift for someone? Maybe you should think of our giftcard for kitesurf lessons? This is a gift that will not be forgotten in a lifetime!