Corona Update


We will start our kitesurf season with all required measurement which government gives us.

What can I expect?

  • We will actively inquire in advance whether or not you have certain complaints. If you do have one, we will unfortunately have to schedule the lesson for another time.

  • Pay extra attention to the 1.5 meter rule and follow the instructions of our instructors carefully.

  • Pay for your kitesurfing lessons or course before the start of the lesson, you can do this via the payment link in your account

  • You can always borrow one of our wet suits, and we will thoroughly clean it every day; however, we recommend that you bring your own wetsuit. Don’t have one yet? Please contact our kitesurf shop SHAKA, we are happy to help you. Your own wetsuit is safer and also often more comfortable.

  • Your booked and paid lesson is and remains valid for 2 years. Also with new reservations!

  • Travel alone or travel alone with people from your household. Come to the kite surfing school on your own as much as possible, for example on foot, by bicycle or your own car.

  • Do not arrive at the kite surfing school earlier than the reserved time unless otherwise indicated.

  • Stay at home if you have or have had any of the following complaints in the past 48 hours: cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, elevation (from 38 C °).

  • Stay at home if someone in your household has a fever (from 38 C °) and / or symptoms of shortness of breath.

  • Do not shake hands. Disinfect your hands on site before you reach the bus.

  • Leave the kite surfing school immediately after the lesson.

  • Bring a healthy dose of energy; because we are going to make it top class!