For 19 years the best kite school in NL


For already 19 years is thé kite school in The Netherlands. Safety and fun are our priority. If you are a first timer or more experienced: we have the right package for you.


Lesson locations

We give lessons at the following locations:
Kijkduin / Zandmotor (Scheveningen)
Hoorn / Schellinkhout


Refresh course

Do you already have some experience? Then book a refresh course kitesurfing. Max 2 people. Enough attention and focus for you to get your kitesurfing skills back on track!

Kite surf lessons | Learn kitesurfing

Do you want to learn how to kitesurf? Or do you want to give a kitesurf lesson as a gift? has some sharp deals on lelssons and there is a package for every level. If you are looking to book an introduction course or a private lesson: with us safefty and fun are top priority. Therefore we work with experienced kite instructors and the latest and best equipment. We have the needed certificates and the most experience in kitesurf lessons.

Kitesurfing in Scheveningen / The Hague

Thé surf spot in the Netherlands: Scheveningen. Actualy this is a bit misleading: we give our lessons at the Zandmotor, very nearby Scheveningen. Here we have flat water and this is ideal for giving lessons. This location is most refered to as Scheveningen, also by other schools. Dont be confused. We also give lessons in Hoorn and Oostvoorne. For a complete overview, have a look here. By the way; if you want to reserve a private lesson we can always agree on a different location. Handy if you want to learn how to 'wave ride'. Definitly something worth trying if you like traditional wave surfing.

Course kitesurfing

We have different kitesurf lessons / packages. They depend on the amount of days you want and the amount of people you want a lesson with. Our introduction course is perfect to learn in a small group the basics of kitesurfing.  Are you more confident you are going to like kitesurfing? Then have a look at our multiple day courses or perhaps a private lesson? This is the fastet way to learn. On our multple day coiurses we also offer a guarantee that you will be able to kitesurf on your own. For a complete overview of our lessons; have a look here.