Fresh Up Course

€99,- p.p || 2 hours

The "Fresh Up" course is booked a lot with us by people who started kiting last season but still have need some tips&tricks to start the new season independently again. With this course there will be a teacher available for you for 2 hours and you can ask all your questions and of course we help you safely on the water. This way you get 1 on 1 tips & tricks and you start the season safely again. During this lesson you use your own kitesurfing material. Possibly it can also be done with material from us, but this you will have to discuss on fore hand. So this course is not for complete beginners.

If for some reasson (Corona?) you dont manage to plan your lesson for this year then thats not a problem: all of your reservations are valid for two years!

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This lesson is for anyone who has ever had a kitesurfing course and is therefore not a total starter. The teacher discusses with you the level where you stopped (last year) and then makes the plan what to start with. The teacher helps with the rigging of the kite and ensures that you can start the season safely.
Yes, a teacher is available for you for 2 hours to provide you with all the tips & tricks you need.
You learn what you want to learn and / or what the teacher thinks is best for you to learn or practice. Starting the season safely is what this lesson is all about and after 2 hours of kiting you are ready to start your season.
Your own kite equipment. Your kite / bar / board / wetsuit & harness. Do you have specific requests or do you want to use our material? Let us know then we can take this happen. Furthermore, some water and an energy bar are highly recommended. Make sure you have enough energy. We recommend to bring water shoes. There are many shells that can hurt. You can easily buy shoes on
We have a advanced booking system that makes it easy to plan lessons again. We will keep you informed of the status of the lessons and the wind the night before. No surprises and easy planning.

This is your choice:

  2 hours lesson

   Maximum 2 persons

  Lesson at your level


  Built trust


  Safely start the season!


€110,- || 3,5 hours

Private lesson

€160,- || 2,5 hours

3 day course

€280,- || 10,5 hours

5 day course

€440,- || 17,5 hours

Private for 2

€135,- || 3 hours

Fresh Up Kitesurf Course

The Fresh Up Course is perfect if, for example, you learned to kite last year and had a winter break. For example, you may be a bit hesitant to start the season independently or you just want to get the tips & tricks that ensure that you can start the season again with the help of a kitesurf instructor.

The fresh up course is really meant for people who already have kitesurfing experience from lessons that have been followed before. You learn how to kite surf with your own material.