Kite lesson Oostvoorne

For the South area of The Netherlands we provide kitesurfing lessons at Oostvoorne. The Oostvoornse beach is a perfect place for beginners to learn kite surfing. Because it is shallow you can stand anywhere that makes the learning process safer and faster. On this location you do not suffer from waves or currents, so you can fully concentrate on learning kite surfing. Due to the large size of the Oostvoornse beach we have a lot of space at our disposal which makes it perfect for learning kite surfing! is licensed to provide kitesurfing lessons on the beach in Oostvoorne. Because of a limited number of permits have been issued, it is never too busy to safely learn kite surfing.

You can also use toilets + hot showers and you can have a nice bite after classes.

Assembly point Oostvoorne the recreational area Oostvoornse car-park. (beach road 1 Oostvoorne)

We collect at the Bus. This is parked on the left as you drive into the parking lot. If we are not there yet, wait a while at the bus and we will arrive as soon as possible. Next to the parking lot there is a 'new' restaurant "restaurant by the sea". Here you can have a snack and a drink and also change clothes and take a hot shower after the kitesurfing lesson.

Flat / Shallow


Strandweg 1, 3233 CW, Oostvoorne (strand)


All kite locations in NL

In the Netherlands there are a number of kitesurf spots suitable for teaching. Important features are:

  • Flat water so that you are not limited by waves
  • Shallow so you can stand if necessary
  • Wind direction: you always want to kite with onshore wind

3 of the best spots; that is where we teach. Kijkduin / Zandmotor, Oostvoorne and Schellinkhout. Depending on what suits you best, we plan the lesson there!