Kitesurf  lessons Scheveningen / Kijkduin (Zandmotor)

The Kitesurfing lessons are given on the Zandmotor in Kijkduin. The Zandmotor offers us flat and shallow water which accelerates the learning process of kite surfing. The Zandmotor is a new made piece of land on the coast of Kijkduin. This has created a small lake that is perfect for kitesurfing. There is flat water, it is shallow and can be used with all wind directions! This is unique in both the Netherlands and Europe!

Free parking in a large parking lot at the Machiel vrijenhoeklaan in The Hague. Located directly at the dunes.

We gather at the end of the Machiel vrijenhoeklaan (175) in Den haag, at the bus. From here we walk the dunes to the Zandmotor and start your kitesurf lesson.


Zandmotor (best location)


Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan 450, 2555NW Den Haag



All kitesurf locations in NL

In the Netherlands there are a number of kitesurf spots suitable for teaching. Important features are:

  • Flat water so that you are not limited by waves
  • Shallow so you can stand if necessary
  • Wind direction: you always want to kite with onshore wind

3 of the best spots; that is where we teach. Kijkduin / Zandmotor, Oostvoorne and Schellinkhout. Depending on what suits you best, we plan the lesson there!