Welcome to the kitesurfschool in The Netherlands!

IMG_4037At Kitesurfschool.nl you are always at the right adres. Kitesurfschool.nl started as the first kitesurfingschool in The Netherlands. Harry Vogelezang started the school in 1999 a year after he was asked to introduce Kitesurfing in this country and countries around it. Harry Vogelezang is Kitesurfing Guru of The Netherlands.

Kitesurfing has changed a lot the last almost 20 years. It became much saver and easier. Kitesurfing is easy to learn but it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing so always take a lesson before you start kiting on your own.

After years managing Kitesurfschool.nl on his own, he decided is was time to get a new person in the School. Since 2013 Harry Vogelezang and Anouschka van den Eshof are running the school with lots of pride, fun, and knowledge. With a new person in the the business Kitesurfschool.nl got a fresh look and more energy.
Kitesurfschool.nl has real good instructors, the best spots, honest prices and the best and newest gear.
After 19 years of experience and knowledge of kitesurfing, kitesurfschool.nl can proudly say that are the Best Kitesurfingschool in the Netherlands. Even though they are the biggest school in their country, they still manage to keep their lessons and contact personal. With their 3 locations in The Netherlands they have the Best Spots available and you are always close to take a kitesurfing lesson at Kitesurfschool.nl

Get a Lesson in Oostvoorne, Kijkduin (the hague) or Hoorn