Asked Questions

Questions about my kitesurfing lesson

A lesson continues with a base wind of minimum 12 knots to maximum 28 knots wind. The wind direction differs per location, here the wind direction must be onshore. Furthermore, no extreme gusts of wind and no thunderstorm should be predicted. Do you have kitesurfing lessons at sea? Then the tide and the waves are also important.

We give kitesurfing lessons seven days a week, three times a day. You can start a kitesurf course every day at our kitesurfing school.

Every day between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM we check the most recent weather forecast and you will receive an SMS and email whether the class has been approved or rejected. We make this decision based on wind speed, wind direction and other weather conditions that affect safety. Of course we want nothing more than to let all lessons continue! If we do have to cancel a lesson, we will also put the reason in the email message. And you can immediately reschedule your lesson via your account.

  • Swimwear and towel
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Something to drink and an energy bar

We also advise to bring surf shoes to protect your feet against sharp shells. We take care of the rest! Wetsuit, harness, helmet and lycra are all included in the price. Surf shoes can be bought in our store or ordered online. It is of course also good to come to the kitesurfing lesson with your own wetsuit and harness.

Make sure you are on time for the kitesurfing lesson. Especially if you have a group lesson in Kijkduin, this is important.If your lesson starts at 09:00, we recommend that you be here 15 minutes in advance.

We give kitesurfing lessons at the best kite spots in the Netherlands. We have a kitesurf bus with all the necessary materials at every location. Our kitesurf bus is always parked in the parking lot of these kite spots. The address details of this parking lot can be found via our main menu.

If we cancel your lesson due to the wind and / or weather forecast, this lesson will be returned directly to your account. You can then log in and reschedule the lesson via your own portal, ‘my bookings’, on our website.

You can schedule a lesson with us from the age of 12. We recommend that you book a private lesson, because we often cannot place children in a standard group lesson due to a great weight difference. We cannot schedule someone of 12 years with someone of 45 years with a large difference in weight. Children also need slightly different attention and explanation as adults. To keep the kitesurfing lessons fun, educational and safe for everyone, we recommend booking a private lesson for children or having them come together with a friend. Then they find it much more fun and our experience is that they also continue kite surfing more often.

Wind forecast Windguru

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Questions about my schedule & booking

If you have booked one or more kitesurfing lessons, you can schedule them directly in your account. When you are logged in, you will find a calendar and see the available days. You can schedule your kitesurfing lessons from April to November. We recommend that you plan all your lessons immediately, without too much time in between. Do you not see a spot on your desired day? Then give us a call, so we can find an instructor and still schedule you.

During the week we have the most instructors available and it is also quiet on the kite spots. So you have the best times of the week from Monday to Friday during the day. It can be a lot busier at the weekend, do you still want to kite surf at the weekend? Then you have to make sure that you plan this on time, we advise you to plan this at least two weeks in advance in the high season.

It may be that all groups and instructors are already full and there is no space left. Are you unable to book on your desired day and do you want to know whether that day is available or will be available? Send us a request by e-mail. State your booking number and name and the date and time you want to schedule. Then we will put you on the reserve list.

If you have to come from far and have more than an hour of travel time, we understand that you want to know a little earlier if the lesson will take place. In this case, make sure you contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Then we can look at the forecast and indicate whether the wind is good or not. It is also smart to have a look at the wind forecast yourself before departure via Are you in doubt? Then give us a call!

Wind forecast Windguru

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Click here to go to the forecasts and current data.
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Questions about the wind and weather

We always make our decision based on the forecast of the website You can view the wind forecast on this website. You go to the website, then select a spot in the top left corner and then click on it. You will then see a table with all the information. Make sure you also learn to read this information yourself, such as wind speed, gusts, wind direction, temperature, clouds, precipitation and the course during the day and prepare yourself well for your kitesurfing lesson!

Lessons will continue with a minimum wind speed of 12 knots and a maximum wind speed of 28 knots. Of course the wind direction is also important and we also look at the general weather in terms of rain, gusts and whether thunderstorms are in the forecast or not.

Your kitesurfing lesson continues with an onshore wind direction. Like this the wind is the most stable and you have a safe lesson. The wind must therefore always blow towards the land and not away from the land.

If the wind and temperature are good, a lesson with rain can certainly continue. You get wet anyway and you are wearing a wetsuit. Would you rather move to a day without rain? No problem! Give us a call and we will help you to reschedule!

Other questions

We advise everyone to wear surf shoes during the lesson. There are often sharp shells on the beach or in the water. If you get a deep cut in your foot, you will have to end the class early. Are you really unable to arrange shoes in time for your first class? Then we still recommend to wear sports shoes that may get wet. You can buy surf shoes from € 8, –

Hell yes. Instructors often also enjoy tracking the progress of someone they have taught before. You have to schedule all your lessons through the portal and then you can email us with your name and date of scheduling and that you would like to be assigned to someone. Then we will arrange that for you in the background.

We have a kitesurf shop in Scheveningen: Shaka. Come and visit us in the store and we will gladly help you with a wetsuit and harness. And of course a complete kite surf set!

Shaka Kitesurfing can be found at Vissershavenweg 62 in Scheveningen.

Yes! We can be reached on the telephone number + 31 (0) 634065661. Are we not answering? We always try to call back missed calls. Sometimes we get so many phone calls during the high season that it is sometimes too busy, so we ask you to send a text message or whatsapp with a callback request. We will definitely call you back!

The answer is no. Unfortunately, we cannot just give you the details of the kitesurfing instructor. For example, did he or she take photos of you while kiting and would you like to have them? Then you have to exchange information with the instructor after the lesson. It is therefore not necessary to call us for this.