IKO Certified Center

We are proud to be an IKO Kitesurfing school. This means that we meet the latest and strictest requirements that you can expect from a kite surfing school.

  • Safety at number 1
  • Qualified and professional instructors
  • Extensive methodology and step-by-step plan
  • The latest kitesurfing materials
  • A simple booking system for all your kite surfing lessons

Wat is IKO?

IKO stands for International Kiteboarding Organization. After following a teaching package, you can obtain an IKO Certificate through us. Think of this as getting your driver’s license for kite surfing. Once you have mastered the basic skills, we can issue a certificate.

An IKO certificate can be useful when you are on holiday and you want to rent kitesurfing equipment. A center will always check whether your name appears in the IKO database. In this way they can see that you have indeed followed lessons and what your level is. After a basic lesson package, your level is also “basic”. If you ever want to have this updated to a higher level, we can arrange this for you.

Would you like to see what is covered in the lessons? Then download the PDF on the right. For example, with a 3-day course you go through steps 1A to 2L.
Sometimes it turns out that you are a born talent for this sport, then we sometimes take it a few steps further. 😉