When you have become enthusiastic during your kitesurfing lessons, you naturally want to purchase your own kitesurfing equipment as soon as possible. At our kitesurf shop SHAKA KITESURFING in Scheveningen you are at the right place.

After you have completed the kitesurfing course, you naturally have many questions. “Which kite should I buy? And what size? Does every bar fit on every kite? ” We understand that all new information can be a bit overwhelming. That is why we are ready for you with expert advice about the purchase of a new or second-hand kitesurf set. From small to large budget, in our shop Shaka we have the most beautiful kitesurfing articles for sale for everyone.

At SHAKA we represent the largest kite surfing brands, brands that we are proud of. Our staff has many years of experience in the kite surfing industry, so you are assured of good advice. In our shop we can put together a nice set for everyone, regardless of the size of your budget. If you buy multiple kite surf equipment (such as a whole kite surf set), you will receive a nice discount with us! Did you take lessons with us? Mention this in the store, because then you will receive an extra discount!

Of course you can also buy a second-hand kite from a private individual, but there is a risk. You do not know how the previous owner dealt with the kite, you do not know whether the canvas is still good, or maybe something is broken. At Shaka we also sell second-hand kites, but these are first checked on several points, so we guarantee that the kite is still very good for kiting! In addition, you also get a 90-day warranty on all second-hand kites.

Be sure to visit our SHAKA store in Scheveningen to inquire about the possibilities!

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Kitesurf Gear

Stop by at our shop and let us advise you about all the gears. We always have a big stock of kite and boards in all price ranges. We also sell used equipment with warranty on it. Stop by and let help you to get the best deal on your gear.