A good kitesurf location is essential for a good kitesurf lesson. In the first place for safety reasons. Secondly, a good location will help you to learn kitesurfing as quickly as possible. A good kitesurf location for lessons must have enough space to prepare and rig your kitesurfing equipment. An important rule is that you must be at least three times the length of your lines away from obstacles on the beach. In the Netherlands there are various kite spots that are suitable for this. The kitesurfschool teaches you on these kite spots and our instructors teach you how to stay safe and have maximum amount of fun!

Advantages of our kitesurf locations

Flat and shallow water

Without big waves and strong currents

Spacious environment without dangerous obstacles

Lesson locations

When booking your lesson, always choose your location.

  • We have four different kitesurf locations
  • All locations are ideal for your first kitesurfing lesson
  • We can teach with almost every wind direction
  • Do you have specific wishes, for example if you want to learn to surf in the waves? Let us know! Then we can come to another location.

The best kitesurf spots from The Netherlands

Kijkduin, Oostvoorne and Schellinkhout are the very best kite surfing locations to learn kitesurfing. These spots have flat and shallow water, without big waves and strong currents, so you can keep focusing on the position of the kite and improve your kitesurfing technique. A spot with shallow water has the advantage that you can stand at all times. This gives a safe and familiar feeling in the first phase of kitesurfing. Once the confidence and kite feeling is there, we will of course also teach you how to go in the deeper water. You will learn all this in the multi-day lesson packages of our kitesurfing school. So eventually you become an independent and self-reliant kitesurfer!

Learn to kitesurf at the sea

In Scheveningen we also have a location where you can learn kitesurfing at sea. There you will learn all the kitesurfing techniques in the sea. You will learn more about the tides, currents and other aspects of the sea. You can start your very first kitesurfing lessons here or only start after you have followed your first lessons on flat and shallow water. This completely depends on how you want to learn kitesurfing yourself and where you ultimately want to go kitesurfing most of the time for yourself.

Our kitesurfing school has safe and good kitesurf spots for different goals and for everyone. Our mission is to get you on the water safe and quickly! Do you have a question about one of our kitesurfing locations? Please contact us.