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Group lesson kitesurfing

Our introduction course and multi-day kitesurf courses are group lessons. There is a maximum of 3 people in the group. Unlike many other kitesurfing schools, we choose to keep the groups small. In this way our instructors can provide attention to everybody in the group, you learn as much as possible in a lesson and you’ll have the most fun. Learning in a group is super fun and you also learn from the progression and mistakes of your fellow students. Reason enough to go for it, right?

Private kitesurfing lesson

Do you want to learn the most in a short amount of time? From zero to surfing and from surfing to jumping. Our private lessons are dedicated to your specific needs and wishes. Therefore, you will see that this lesson gives you the most results. If you choose ‘Private for 2’, you will also have the advantage of having more time to practice with the kite. We recommend that you book your ‘Private for 2’ together with someone who has the same weight and skill level. Are you convinced you want to learn kitesurfing? Then we recommend the private kitesurfing lesson.

NEW – Foil Kite lesson

You have certainly seen them ‘fly’ over the water, kite surfers hovering a meter above the water. This is foil kite surfing! It is a new form of kite surfing that is increasingly being practiced. Foil kite surfing is generally done with light wind, once you master this you can start kiting from 8 knots. There is a so-called hydrofoil under your kiteboard. Consisting of a mast, fuselage and two wings. Once you get out of the water with that, you have much less friction and you can therefore kite surf with less wind. To start with a foil course, you must have sufficient experience with kite surfing. Upwind kite surfing, sliding transitions, upwind body dragging and relaunching should all be done without any problem.

All materials for your foil kite lesson are provided. We have several models of kites for foil kiting. We also have these models in different kite sizes to cope with most wind speeds. During the foil kite lesson we use a freeride foil, this type of foil is a very accessible and all-round foil and therefore the ideal foil to teach you to foil kite as quickly as possible. You can also try different mast lengths during your foil kite lesson. In the first instance you learn the fastest with a short mast, of approximately 60 cm, and it is the coolest with a long mast of 90 cm or more. In between we also have a 75 cm mast to learn foil kiting with small steps.

Are you ready for a new challenge? Then book the foil course!

Learn kitesurfing in the Netherlands

We teach at the following kitesurf spots / locations:

Kijkduin – Kitesurf spots the Zandmotor, flat and shallow water and also possible at sea.
Scheveningen – Kitesurfing at sea, at the DownUnderBeach beach bar on Zwarte Pad.
Oostvoorne – flat and shallow water without a strong current.
Schellinkhout – 3 kite spots in 1! All three spots are in fresh water.

All these kitesurf locations are suitable for learning kite surfing. There is plenty of space and the water conditions are favorable here. In addition, we can go here with the most common wind directions. Are you interested in making a reservation? Then keep this in mind.

Read even more about our kitesurf locations!

It is good to know that in addition to flat water, we can also teach in the waves. This is possible with a twin-tip kiteboard as well as with a wave kiteboard if you want to learn to kite surf in the waves strapless.