Private Lesson | 3 uur


The private kitesurfing lesson is our most effective way to learn kitesurfing. With a private lesson you have your own instructor and your own kite surfing set at your disposal. You can choose at what level you want to be taught. This can be your very first class or any subsequent class. The big advantage is that you can practice with the kite yourself 100% of the time and make progress much faster than in the group lessons.

Advanced lesson
Private kitesurfing lessons are also often booked by people who want to learn something new, such as upwind kitesurfing, a sliding transition or your first jumps!

Refresh lesson
Would you like to start kitesurfing again and would you like to repeat and practice all theory and practice again? Then you can also book a private lesson and we repeat everything in one lesson to start the season safely again.

Kitesurf lesson for kids
For children we advise to book private kite surfing lessons. Due to body weight, this does not go well with regular adult group classes. It is of course also possible to book a ‘Private for Two’ or a three or five day course with three children.Please feel free to contact us to get more advice about this.

Why a private kitesurf lesson?

  • Practice yourself 100% of the time
  • Learn more at your own level
  • Own instructor for personal feedback
  • Repetition of the theory or kitesurfing techniques
  • The largest learning curve and the most progression
  • Extra attention for your own kitesurfing skills
  • Ideal for children up to 16 years old

Why do you book lessons with our kitesurfing school?

– We work with an “all-in price”, so no extra costs for wetsuits.
– Lessons start 7 days a week, three times a day.
The latest and greatest material every year. – Professional and enthusiastic instructors.
– Own login where you can manage and schedule your lessons yourself.
– Canceling a lesson at no extra cost or losing your lesson.
– Early Bird booking deal can be planned all year round.

It is good to know that all our courses and lessons are valid for 2 years. What are you waiting for? Book that first lesson!



Q: How much wind is required for my kitesurfing lesson?
A: A lesson continues with a basic wind of a minimum of 12 knots to gusts of a maximum of 28 knots. The wind direction differs per location, the basic rule is that it must be onshore wind.

Q: What should I bring to my kitesurfing lesson?
A: Swimwear, surf shoes and a towel, sunscreen and sunglasses, drinks and an energy bar. We take care of the rest!Wetsuit, harness, helmet and lycra are all included in the price.

Q: When will I hear whether or not my kitesurfing lesson will take place?
One day before your lesson starts, you will receive a text message and email whether the lesson has been approved or rejected. We make this decision based on wind speed, gusts, direction and safety.

Q: On which days can I book kitesurfing lessons?
A: At our kitesurfing school you can book kitesurfing lessons 7 days a week. Lessons start at 9:00 AM, 1:30 PM and 6:00 PM. The kitesurfing lesson season is from mid-April to the end of October.


9:00 AM


13:30 PM


18:00 PM

Private kitesurf lesson

The private course is our most effective course. In the private lesson we teach you 1 on 1 kiting at your level and pace. As with all courses, we start with a bit of theory and safety and then start with the kite control and body dragging. We teach you the whole basics of kite surfing at your own pace. Normally you learn much faster with a private lesson. But there’s more! The private lesson is also booked a lot with us by people who want to gain extra experience or learn something new. For example, if you had lessons just before winter and you want to pick it up again in the spring, then this is the best choice because we will help you to start the season safely in 1 lesson!