Kitesurf lesson Schellinkhout / Medemblik / Andijk

We give kitesurfing lessons in Schellinkhout, Medemblik or Andijk for the Northern Netherlands region. Depending on the wind direction, we can choose the best spot here every day. Each day we check in advance which wind direction there is and our instructors choose one of these locations to teach. The kite surfing spots Schellinkhout, Medemblik and Andijk are located on the IJsselmeer. They all offer flat and shallow water, which greatly speeds up the learning process of kite surfing. We have a lot of space at our disposal at these kite surfing spots, which makes it perfect for kite surfing lessons!

Meeting Point

The day before the lesson is agreed where the lesson will be given and where we gather. At every location we gather in the parking lot near our kite surf bus.

If you do not have a car yourself, we can collect you in consultation at Hoorn Central Station.

Kitespot Schellinkhout
Wind direction: South, South West
Adress: De Laan, Schellinkhout – Strand Schellinkhout
Free Parking

Kitespot Medemblik
Wind direction: North, North-East, East
Adress: Oosterdijk, Medemblik – Kite spot Medemblik
Free Parking

Kitespot Andijk
Wind direction: North-West, North, North-East, East
Adress: Koopmanspolder, Andijk – Strand Vooroever
Free Parking